Artisan Seams Atelier production studio based in Somerset, South West England. We provide all our services to the highest standards of the fashion industry. We are relatively young company, but our specialists have great experience in industry and produce garments of the best quality. We pay equal attention to a single garment sampling order or a small/big production. We build close and personal working relationships with our clients, and strive to deliver the best possible outcomes in short time.


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To create quality products we welcome client participation in quality control measures during the production process. 
We ourselfs apply quality control checking systems throughout the manufacturing process, followed by final 100% check before delivery.

All items are handmade and individually checked along the production line. When complete, each item is individually packaged and checked by an operative to identify and rectify any rare defects.



Our South-West Atelier is equipped to handle small and large production runs. Our production service include a full cut, make and trim process - we do everything to make pieces exact replicas of your samples.

Starting from as little as 5 garments, we manufacture clothes for many independent brands. Products are priced individually so please get in touch. An average lead time depending on how busy we are with other clients' orders. Please ensure the timely delivery of raw materials, too, as it affects the final delivery date.


Our pattern cutting services includes bespoke pattern cutting work, one calico toile per garment per size and one set of alternations. 

If you require help getting your clothing designs production ready, we can help you to develop custom measurements. Alternatively, we can work from your pattern should you have it and grade your dimensions up and down to create new sizes.

We can create a toile from your patterns or patterns we make for you. You will be able to review the toiles at any stage during making process. We charge an hourly rate for patter making. The quote will always reflect our assessment of the hours required.


Once you have the patterns, toile and all the fabrics ready we can produce a high quality sample for you. Sampling stage is carried out with great attention in order to meet the highest standards. All samples are delivered in protective covers and we return any unused fabrics to you after completion  of the work.



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