Our pattern cutting services includes bespoke pattern cutting work, one calico toile per garment per size and one set of alternations.  We can create a toile from your patterns or patterns we make for you. You will be able to review the toiles at any stage during making process. We charge an hourly rate for patter making. The quote will always reflect our assessment of the hours required.

Patterns are used to ensure each garment in production is as similar to each as possible. Patterns are created after you have designed the collection and technical drawings. At Artisan Seams, we can develop your patterns for you, all in house at our Somerset studio. 


Pattern cutting is considered to be very important and we consider the pattern cutting stage to be very essential and probably the most important stage of development. At the pattern cutting stage, it’s important to use fit models who you consider to be your target market. It allows the pattern cutter to create the patterns specifically for your brand and you can also see in 3D what the garments will look like. It is important for the pattern cutter to truly understand your designs. Therefore we always encourage our customers to provide as much information about each style so we can make the garments exactly how you want them. Measurements are key when making patterns – ensure to give your pattern cutter measurements such as lengths of garments that you want and widths etc. 


At Artisan Seams Atelier, we can grade your patterns once they are ready for production. We grade your patterns in-house at our studio. We can manually grade the patterns and put them on to card ready for production or we can grade them digitally on our very own Vetigraph software. Pattern grading is using your base size pattern for each style and turning them into all available sizes that you want for production. 

If we haven't created your patterns for you and you are providing them to us to grade. We suggest we check them for you to ensure all seams match and notches are properly placed. 

We can follow a size chart provided to us or we can use industry standard sizing. We suggest testing out your grade rules to ensure you are happy with the fit of the garments if you are providing the size chart and have not tested it out previously.

We are now offering digital pattern making which we highly recommend - as well as for grading,

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