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START UP PACKAGE - please fill in the enquiry form as the quotes depends on the numbers of items and its designs. 

FPP PACKAGE - please fill in the enquiry form, price is made individually based on the design. Prices starts from £250.00 per item.

CMT PACKAGE - prices for clothing production vary considerably, depending on a number of factors, including quantity per size and color. And of course, the garment design itself.

MTO (made to order) - quote given after initial consultation.

MTM (made to measure) - quote given after initial consultation.

SAMPLE MAKING SERVICE - quote given after initial consultation,
depending on a number of factors including finishing and design itself. 

PATTERN MAKING - Pattern cutting prices generally range from £40 for a simple pattern,  to £400 for a complex one. Some patterns that require more development may  cost more.


PATTERN GRADING - costing sheet will be provided by email.

TECH PACK - Our standard four page tech pack costs £180. This should be fine for most  styles. It includes a garment spec, plus a front and back technical sketch, with any relevant information regarding construction – seams, darts, pockets, stitching, etc. For  more complicated styles we  provide a six page tech pack costing £320. This also  includes a size chart.

DESIGN SESSION - 15 min FREE telephone consultation thereafter £100 per hour face to face consultation. 

GARMENT FITTING SESSION -  starts from £50 per 30 minutes


Please take a moment to fill out the form.

If you would like us to give you a quote, you can submit your enquiry below, or you can send us a direct email with your designs attached. We will need your designs in order to give you a quote.

Thanks for submitting!

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