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A sample is the shop front of your brand and will showcase your design and to your potential buyers. It is vitally important to get the fit and make right.

We understand the impact samples will have on your brand and we are putting all the effort into creating samples that made with the excellence your design deserves and win orders.

We can work from your sketch, inspirational images or garments.  Actively support you through the fitting and toiling stages, taking it all the way to the pre-production sample.

We work with a huge range of garments and fabrics, which means we can’t give you a price list for samples. When quoting sample prices, we always include high-end finishings as standard to ensure your end product is the best quality to impress you, your buyers and to be followed by the future manufacturing team. 


To get an estimate for sample development, send us your sketches, technical pack and garment description.


We’ll get back to you with a free quote.

Samples made from your patterns on a CMT basis (cut, make, trim) 

Often used if you already have your patterns the fit of which you are satisfied with but need a garment made to high standards. 


  • We revise the existing pattern and assess your requirements for changes if any. Note that changes are subject to additional fees if you need your patterns to be altered. 

  • We cut and made the sample in accordance with your tech pack requirements. If you are not sure what type of finishing works best for your garment, feel free to ask and we will advise you on all options available.

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